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Name:Sinus pinch valve

These valves are suitable for shutting off, distributing and metering of powdery and grained bulk goods, for viscous, soiled and aggressive liquids, gases and mixtures. The cylindrical, elastic hose will be squeezed by compressed air or water pressure. Thus the pinch valve is closed. After release of the control pressure, the hose opens and returns in its original and circular shape.
Product features
tube connection on both sides
straight and not narrowed passage
no jam
no pressure drop
operation with less abrasion
long service live of hoses
easy change of hoses
safe to operate due to simple construction
suitable for explosive areas as well

德国MOLLET气动夹管阀-介可视simple principle
-the cylindrical, elastic hose will be squeezed either by compressed air or by water pressure
- existing solids will be enclosed
- after pressure release of the control pressure, the hose opens and returns in
its original and circular shape

Quality of hoses with Temperature range
NR 80 °C wet
NW 70 °C wet
CR 100 °C wet
EP120 °C wet
VI 100 °C wet
  • straight, not redused passage
  • no jam
  • opens always in a circular shape
  • no pressure drop
  • long service life of hoses
  • simple change of hoses
Process connection
  • Flange DIN
  • internal thread according to
    DIN ISO 228
  • Pipe connection of any size 
  • Threaded connection
    clamo-on etc..
Working pressure 
  • Working pressure
    4 bar
  • Control pressure
    process pressure2,5 bar
  • Difference in pressure
    maximum 2,5 bar
  • Mounting position

- pneumatic conveyors
- Food industry
- Chemical industry
- Environment technology
- Construction industry
- Silos

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