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Name:Weight and tape level transmitter
Reliable continuous level measurement in silos, vessels and hoppers filled with dusty, powdery, granulated and grained bulk materials any kind like gravel, sand, cement, concrete, lime, gypsum, broken stones, animal feed, fishmeal, milk powder, grain, spices, salt, sugar, flour, coffee, cacao, cereals, graphite, fertilizer, zinc sulfate, aluminum oxide, polystyrene, plastic granulate, plastic powder, filler, wood pellets, wood chips, sawdust, foam flakes, ash, fly-ash, slag, carbon black, coal, coke dust and many others more.Interface measurement and level measurement of liquids are possible as well.

Product features:
Reliable continuous level measurement up to a silo height of 42 m
Measurement technology unaffected from characteristics like dust, moisture, conductivity or grain size of the bulk material
Measurement in silos with a process temperatures up to 150 °C possible
No influence on the measurement process by internals in silos or vessels
High measurement accuracy of the actual filling level of ±2.5 cm
A four-line plain text display enables an easy menu-guided commissioning and local operation
Use in dust incendive hazard areas possible, category 1/2D
4 - 20 mA current output and maximum 4 freely programmable signal outputs
Protection type IP 67 according EN 60529
Compact and still robust design with low weight
Special designed tape wiper avoids pollution of internal housing
No movement into silo outlet due to fully electronic digital minimum fail-safe mode

A sensing weight is driven down into the silo or hopper with a steel band. As soon as the weight touches the surface, the tensile force on the tape decreases. This reduced tensile force is detected by the electronic of the MOLOSbob LF20 and the lowering of the weight is stopped immediately. After this a 4-20 mA current output signal is given proportional to the measured distance and the sensing weight returns to the end position whereby the measured value determined is retained until the next measurement cycle starts. Different sensing weights enable exact level measurements independent of density or grain size of the bulk material. This signal can be visualized with easy to use and well legible indicating units that are mounted in a switch cabinet.

Housing / Lid                                  Aluminum coated RAL 7001 / pure 
Tape run-off speed                         0,16 … 0,25 m/s 
Traction power                               150 N 
Angle of inclination                         maximum 2° 
Power supply                                  90 … 253 VAC, 50/60 Hz  
                                                       20 … 28 VDC 
Weight                                            11,5 kg including sensing weight 
Dimensions                                     300 x 260 x 225 [HxBxD] 
Process connection                         Flange DN100 PN16 / 4" Aluminium 
Wiper                                              Aluminum / steel or Stainless Steel (304) 
Measurement tape                          Stainless Steel (301, modified) 
Measurement range                         0 m … 42 m 
Power consumption                        max. 150 VA w/o heater    
                                                       max. 170 VA with heater (optional)
Process pressure                             -0,5 … +1,0 bar 
Process temperature                      -20 °C … +150 °C 
Ambient temperature                     -40 °C … +60 °C 
Explosion approvals                        ATEX II 1/2D Ex ta/tb IIIC T99°C Da/Db 
Terminals                                        maximum 2,5 mm² 
Inputs                                             Input voltage 30 VDC (active)
                                                       Contact load maximum 0,3 W (passive)
Outputs                                          Current output 4 … 20 mA (active)  
                                                       Relay outputs maximum 250 VAC / 6A  
                                                       Optocoupler output max. 30 VDC / 10 mA (optional) 
Type of protection                          IP67 according EN 60529

Typical bulk solids
Mineral coal               Brown coal
Carbon dust              Coke
Fly ash                      Wood splint
Filter dust                 Waste
Special waste            Ammonium sulfate from the  
                               flue gas desulphurization

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