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Name:MWF Microwave level transmitter

The devices of the MOLOSwave series for continuous level measurement are working with the Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) measurement principle. They are specifically designed for the use in bulk goods. During the measurement high frequency microwave pulses with low energy are coupled onto the probe and guided along this probe to the bulk goods. The product surface partly reflects these pulses. The electronic detects the reflected pulses and calculates the actual filling level from the time difference of the transmitted and received signals. These filling levels are made available as a 4-20 mA signal for further signal processing. This signal can be visualized with easy to use and well legible indicating units that are mounted in a switch cabinet.

Product features:

Use in dust explosive areas with ATEX zone 20/21 possible
Measuring range MWF 21 with rod probe up to 3 m
Measuring range MWF 27 with cable probe up to 20 m
High measurement accuracy
Highest level of functional safety through the use of 4- wire technology
Independent of bulk solids features
Insensitive against dust, buildup and condensation
Very good price-performance-ratio
Wear and maintenance-free operation
High tolerance of interfering signals
Different probes available
Different process connections (threads, flanges, Tri-Clamp, …)
Housing made of Aluminium or stainless steel
德国MOLLET MWF系列导波雷达料位计-介可视

High-frequency electromagnetic impluses with low energy were generated by the sensor electronic and propagated along the probe. When these impluses hit the surface of the bulk goods, a part of the impluse energy will be reflected back up the probe to the electronic . The level will be calculated by the time difference between the impluses send and the impluses reflected and will be provided as a continuous measurement reading through its analogue output. A freely positionable switching output signal can be set.

Supply voltage                  12 … 30 V DC input non-polar
Measuring range               1,0 … 20,0 m cable
                                         0,1 … 3,0 m rod
Signal output                    4 … 20 mA 0 … 100 %
Switch                               DC PNP NC or NO optinal
Process temperature         -20 °C … +150 °C 
Dielectric constant             DK-value > 1.8 
Ambient temperature        -20 °C … +70 °C 
Process pressure               -1 bar … 40 bar 
ATEX-Approval                   DustEx 
Process connection           Threads, flanges, clamp, … Aluminium or stainless steel
Maximum tensile load        10 kN 
Material Housing               IP66 Aluminium or stainless steel
                                         Cable Stainless steel 1.4401
                                         Rod Stainless steel 1.4571
Mounting position            vertical from the top 
Maintenance                     none

The MWF is a guided radar measuring instrument for continuous level measurement in all kind of bulk solids with a DC-value (dielectric constant) above 1.6. This sensor reliably and accurately measures the actual filling level in silos and bins at any time with a measuring range up to 20 m. Therefore this level measurement device is used in many different industries:
Continious level measurement in a silo for lime
Level measurement in silos for phosphate
Continuous level measurement in a silo filled with mustard seeds
Continuous level measurement in a bin filled with palm kernel for the production of skin cream

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